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Don’t postpone your future. Discover how “Glion Connect” and “Les Roches Connect” work for you

The future doesn’t wait. Neither should you.

In challenging times, knowledge is power. Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches know that by opening this brochure you’re ready to supercharge your knowledge and professional skills by studying their world-renowned Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business and in Global Hospitality Management. But they also know that travel restrictions could make it difficult for you to get to their campuses when the first semester of the Bachelor program begins in October 2020. 

When our world is changing this quickly, you still can get your higher education underway without delay. So, they have developed a unique solution, which will deliver the complete semester 1 Practical Arts curriculum through a blend of learning at home and on your chosen campus. 

They are called Glion Connect and Les Roches Connect – let’s see together how it works. 


At Glion and Les Roches, they believe that the best way to learn is by doing. This is why their Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business and in Global Hospitality Management start with a semester focused on hospitality’s Practical Arts. It gives you the opportunity to develop practical and transferable skills within a ‘real life’ hospitality environment. 

Your first, Practical Arts semester lays the foundations for your Bachelor studies with Glion and Les Roches. By the end of these 20 weeks, you will have developed an understanding of the excellence required in hotel and restaurant operations; becoming equipped with practical, professional skills you can deploy in your first internship. 

Glion Connect and Les Roches Connect options take the complete semester 1 curriculum and split it into two teaching blocks of 10 weeks each – the first taught remotely; the second taught face-to- face on campus. While the teaching methods will be different, the learning outcomes are the same as you’d experience with a full semester on campus. 

Before your remote studies begin, they’ll send you a special ‘welcome kit’, so you are ready to hit the ground running. 


The Glion Connect and Les Roches Connect programs are a state-of-the-art approach to ‘virtual’ studies; one that makes use of technology to ensure each student feels part of both the Bachelor program and student life. 

It means a mix of live online tutorials and demonstrations, videos, one- to-one coaching and mentoring, plus interactive games and challenges. School’s own ‘TV studio’ will allow them to broadcast live culinary demonstrations during every teaching day of the Art of Gastronomy module. 

Through the Student Affairs team, the programs will also enable everyone studying remotely to connect with each other, as well as with their fellow students on campus. This includes the opportunity to join student popular clubs and committees, as well as to apply for the Student Ambassador program.


The four remote learning modules are designed to cover the fundamentals of hospitality in ten weeks – laying the foundations for your future leadership career. Much of the course structure and content is shared between the different campuses, with just a few regional variations. 

  1. Induction and Professional Communication 
  2. The Wine and Bar Universe 
  3. Rooms Division and Hotel Operations 
  4. The Art of Gastronomy 

With special mention to Wine & Bar Universe module, the schools have gathered some world-renowned experts in wine, spirits and mixology. You will experience a wine masterclass with Paolo Basso, former World’s Best Sommelier; you’ll also discover the world of spirits and learn how to mix delicious cocktails and mocktails. 

Invite your friends to join the cocktail/mocktail making contest lead by me in partnership with Sommet Education through the social accounts of Enozioni – Instagram and Facebook – from which we will launch a new challenge every Monday: the winner’s prize for the best cocktail/mocktail is the online access to an exclusive cocktail masterclass lead by expert and award-winning mixologists in October 2020.

You can discover more about each of these modules and details across the following pages:

Glion > https://www.glion.edu/programs/glion-connect/

Les Roches > https://lesroches.edu/programs/les-roches-connect/

Having completed your home-based learning curriculum, you will then be welcomed on campus at the beginning of the New Year, ready to continue your Practical Arts studies face-to-face. You’ll further develop your practical skills and knowledge in ‘real world’ food & beverage destinations, from food court to bistro to fine dining. 


  • No need to delay your Bachelor studies if international travel is still restricted 
  • You’ll benefit from a state-of-the-art approach to ‘virtual’ Practical Arts teaching 
  • You’ll reach your semester 1 goals the same as if you were based fully on campus 
  • You’ll enjoy all the ‘value add’ benefits of a Glion education, including bespoke career services 
  • Your community of classmates and faculty will be waiting to welcome you once it’s time to continue your studies on campus


Remote learning program dates: 10 weeks – 12th October to 18th December 2020

On-campus program dates: 10 weeks – 4th January to 13th March 2021


Sommet Education is a unique education group specialized in hospitality management and the culinary arts, committed to delivering an exceptional student experience and developing future talent for the experience industry. 

Its hospitality management institutions Glion and Les Roches, with campuses in Switzerland, Spain, China and the UK, provide undergraduate and graduate students from more than 100 countries with an education built on the Swiss model of academic rigor, skills-based learning and dynamic multicultural exposure. The culinary and pastry schools of École Ducasse offer bachelor’s degrees, courses for career changers and continuous professional training, as well as private courses for food enthusiasts, across three campuses in France and through partnerships with overseas universities. 

Sommet Education is the only education network with two hospitality institutions ranked among the world’s top three for hospitality education and among the world’s top three for employer reputation (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020).

For more information, visit: 


Contact Glion Institute of Higher Education

International Enrolment Team +41 21 989 26 77 

Contact Les Roches

International Enrolment Team +44 0203 959 9255 
Les Roches Switzerland: info@lesroches.edu  
Les Roches Spain: info@lesroches.es  

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