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Women In Wine: Amanda & Christina (It’s Señorita Time)

Amanda: I was born and raised in New Jersey. I have a mother, a younger brother and a dog named Snowy. I met Christina in High School and we had been friends ever since. We lived in Florida together for a few years (best time of our lives) but I had to move back for family reasons. After completing a 4 year degree in English, I worked for a little while in NYC before deciding to become a nurse. I then completed another degree in nursing. I currently work part time as a nurse and blog the rest of the time. I’m also currently enrolled in the WSET program.

Christina: I was born and raised in New Jersey. I never enjoyed the harsh winters there, so as soon as I got the chance to be on my own I fled to Boca Raton, Florida for college. After graduation I moved to Manhattan, New York and pursued my masters degree. Today I am living back in Florida where I work in the real estate industry. Our wine blog Señorita Time has been a creative outlet and a fun hobby so far but who knows what’s to come in the future!

How did you get started in the world of wine?

Amanda: I’ve always had an affinity for wine. Wine has always been a dinner time staple in my family. Even in my early 20s when my friends were drinking cheap liquor, I would prefer the $20 wine. I also enjoy trying new wines from different parts of the world. It’s very exciting when you find something new you like.

Christina: This journey has slowly unfolded and continues to develop as Señorita Time expands. I have always enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner. The smells and the tastes are so comforting to me. There’s a wine for every mood and each season. I’m enjoying the process of learning more about wine as we delve in deeper and immerse ourselves into the wine community.

What made you start up your very successful Instagram account?

Amanda: So Christina was moving back to Florida after spending some time up here. We wanted to do something fun together that we could maintain long distance. We tossed around ideas, but I threw out “let’s just start a wine blog.” We both enjoyed wine and the idea stuck. We decided to go with “It’s Senorita time” for the title. Why the name? It was our nicknames when we were younger. Christina’s dad would call us Senoritas. I think the title sounds fun and youthful, which is the predominant theme we like to portray. Wine doesn’t have to be intimidating and serious. It’s not for a select elite group of people. Wine can be for everyone, and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Christina: Amanda and I wanted to do something together. I had previously ran a makeup blog via YouTube,and had some experience in social media management. It was just supposed to be something fun, to have a platform where we could engage with others with the same interests. It’s exciting to see Señorita Time grow. We’ve met so many new people and continue to learn more and more about the wine community.

What advice do you have for other women wanting to get into the wine world?

Amanda: As a woman who attends trade events regularly my biggest piece of advice is that no one has the right to treat you less than any man or as an object. At trade events you will run into men who view you as an object. Their co-workers may brush them off as “Oh, they’re just French.” That is never an acceptable excuse and never entertain their advances. Another piece of advice is to always support your fellow women in the wine industry. It’s not a competition, were both on the same team. A great way to support fellow women is to become a part of the Women of the Vine and Spirits professional organization. They have trade events specific for women as well as online seminars to help you grow as a professional.

Christina: I would suggest to not be afraid. Wine can be very intimidating to some, and there really is no right or wrong in my opinion. Wine is subjective. Someone once told me, the best wine is the wine you like. I concur!

What is the most interesting wine region you have visited and the one on top of your wish list?

Amanda: I’ve only been able to travel to the Finger Lakes in upstate New York and Long Island Wine country. The finger lakes boast pretty impressive Reislings.  I would love to visit Napa and Sonoma. Another place of interest is to visit Spain.

Christina: The most interesting wine region that I’ve experienced thus far I would have to say is Yountville, California in Napa County. A beautiful location and delicious wine. Argentina is on top of my wish-list, I love a good Malbec! Chile is on my radar as well.

What is the most memorable wine experience you have had so far?

Amanda: The most memorial wine experience is probably when I had the opportunity to meet Andrea Cecchi in New York City. It was a small sit-down dinner with a few fellow wine bloggers. Andrea is CEO and wine maker for Italy’s La Mora Wines. They are enjoyed both in Italy and abroad.

Christina: Probably when Amanda and I discovered Rosé Piscine. I have never experienced a wine that you could enjoy over ice and this is by far the best rosé wine to use if you’re going to make a frosé. Great for summer!

Who is inspiring you right now? (Other IG accounts, individuals you work with, etc.)

Amanda: Not going to lie Eleonora, you’re pretty inspirational! I find all women who decide to work with the wine industry inspiring.

Christina: I am over the moon right now for @doyourravel and @gypsea_lust a couple who travel blogs. I hope to bring more diversity and culture to Señorita Time through travel!

What’s your favorite wine to drink right now?

Amanda: I think right now would be rosé because it’s rosé season. However, I do not have a favorite wine. I think all wines that are free from taint and stored properly can be great.

Christina: It’s summer, so hands down it has to be rosé, although I drink it all year round! My favorite rosé is Minuty. Light and bright. Orange peel and red currant on the nose. Strawberry flavors and a balanced acidity, this is my go to rosé. I’ll drink it alone or with a light pairing.

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