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Women In Wine: Q&A with Georgia Panagopoulou (aka Wine.Gini)

Continua la mia serie dedicata alle Donne del Vino 2.0 nel mondo ed oggi condivido una chiacchierata con Georgia Panagopoulou nota come @Wine.Gini un’affermata wine influencer originaria di Atene da poco tempo residente in Nuova Zelanda! La sua passione per la comunicazione del vino si contraddistingue per uno stile fresco, funky (come lei definisce) e specialmente rivolto alla generazione dei millenials. Conosciamola più da vicino!

Georgia Panagopoulou aka Wine.Gini

Hi Gini,

How did you get into the world of wine?

My love for wine was always there, somehow platonic, until the moment I decided to fully dedicate to it. Looking back at every step of my journey, from the studies, to the people, to books, music, movies, travels, I realize that it’s the path I was meant to follow. When people ask me why, I reply…because “wine is life”.

What made you start your Instagram account?

As I explore the world of wine, I realize that occasionally we forget the fun side. Being too serious, we discourage new wine lovers from being initiated to this magical universe. Wine is cool, wine is sexy, wine is fun. Then, I had a dream. To make millennials embrace wine with their personality, discovering their own taste without ever feeling judged. We are born to be wine!

What is the most interesting wine region you have visited?

Three places amazed me for different reasons. South Africa, Georgia and Greece. South Africa is a place with amazing vibes. It’s stunning how the landscape, the sun, and the human’s idiosyncrasy are reflected to the wines. Georgia is the oldest winemaking region. The 8,000 years old  tradition, is still preserved by the passionate winemakers. Qvevris (amforeas) are sealed and buried in the ground leaving the wine ferment for five to six months! Greece is the New Old World, with a breathtaking terroir, and indigenous varieties full of energy. Just try some young or aged volcanic Assyrtiko.

What is the most memorable wine experience you have had so far?

Many memories still burn inside me. These moments always involve people. Travelling, studying and tasting wines around the world for the past year, is already an experience to keep!

What advice do you have for those wanting to get into the wine world?

Wine world is an open universe. You will find people from different backgrounds, nationalities, dreams, objectives, ideas. They have something in common though. Their eyes are craving for life. And this is my advice to any person who wants to succeed.

Who is inspiring you right now?

My daily inspiration comes from people who want to have an impact to the society through their work. Therefore, the dreamers and the doers. People who make history. Same happens in the wine industry. I admire women and men coming back to their roots, producing real, artisan wines with great sacrifices. Wine is their art.

The favourite wine style you love the most?

Wine is the only natural product that is a footprint of time, nature, and people. When these elements coexist in harmony, well ..this wine is my style. However the wines I appreciate the most, are those connected with life moments. And saying that, wine is how we met.

Cheers Gini!

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