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Women In Wine: Joanie Métivier

Per la serie “Donne del Vino nel Mondo” ho fatto quattro chiacchiere con la famosa wine blogger, wine writer e sommelier Joanie Métivier.
Conosciamola insieme!


Joanie Metivier Interview Eleonora Galimberti Enozioni

(Intervista in Inglese)

Her career is quite unusual. She did study all kinds of subjects: tourism, translation, geography, etc. Until, she became aware of a greater interest, wine. It may not always have been in the forefront of her life, but always with growing appreciation. In a month’s interval, she earned the certificate of the Court of Master sommelier and her certification of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) level 3 with distinction.
Subsequently, she was the first Quebecer to complete the Whiskey Ambassador training. These new titles allowed her to obtain a sommelier position at the Cellier du Roi by Jérôme Ferrer, with as a working tool, a beautiful and well diversified wine card rewarded by the Wine Spectator. We can say that she plunged head first into the fabulous wine world. Now, she’s honoured to be part of the specialized wine press. It’s definitely an advantage to push further the sharing aspect of wine writing.

How did you get into the world of wine?

I have always had incredible admiration for passionate, specialized people. You know, the kind of people who love their job so much, that they have practiced a whole life and can talk about it with passion, emotion and a certain fanaticism. It is a quality that is not necessarily limited only to the world of wine, however, we must admit that the subject lends itself perfectly. I did study all kinds of subjects but my interest always seemed to come back to wine and the service industry in general. There’s just something about it that makes people happy and this is a beautiful thing. I’ve had many mentors since that all had the same common things, curiosity and passion.

What made you start up Instagram account?

The writing and instagram account were logical choices. My favourite study technique is composition. To put in writing my learning and discoveries, to list my tastings in image, allows me to memorize the theory more easily and to have a certain perspective. This is how the blog Joaniemetivier.com and the instagram @joaniemetivier made their debut. There was a craze, quite quickly, amateurs are curious, and the community continues to grow. A blog is pretty selfish actually. We write what we want, when we want, without constraint and without expectations.
I was so blessed to experience all those amazing tastings and travel that I couldn’t keep it to myself.

What is the most interesting wine region you have visited?

My last trip was in Champagne and it was incredible. It may not be the most beautiful region visually, the douro or the mosel are way more impressive on that aspect, but I loved the dedication and collective force of all the producers. To have an entire region produce only this one specific high-end type of product and almost agree on the importance
of pursuing the excellence status is very interesting to see.

What is the most memorable wine experience you have had so far?

I was very privileged to be invited to this one in a lifetime tasting of Dopff & Irion, Chateau de Riquewihr, Les Murailles various old vintages as well as their more current products. In a very kind and appreciated wave of kindness and generosity, the estate and its general manager Frédéric Raynaud has decided after finding stocks of forgotten old bottles dating back to 1945 to share this unique tasting experience with professionals around the world, and me.

What advice do you have for those wanting to get into the wine world?

Believe in yourself. You probably know more than you think. If you love wine, and of course you do, you will do just fine. Don’t settle. Study, travel, taste as much as you can. It’s an adventure that never stops.

Who is inspiring you right now? (Other IG accounts, individuals you work with, etc)

There’s so much amazing people in our industry. On instagram, I think Vino2travel and Damewine are very inspiring.

The favourite wine style you love the most?

It’s hard to choose just one! I’d say white Rhône blend is one of my favourite style. Roussane is an underestimated grapes that is having a comeback. On the red side, I live for aged Barolos or any great Nebbiolo based wines.

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