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Women In Wine: Nicole Dalton (Grape Chic)

Per la serie “Donne del Vino nel Mondo” ho intervistato la simpaticissima Nicole Dalton
(alias Grape Chic) da New York. Conosciamola insieme!

Born in Rochester, NY, she had studied dance her whole life. After graduating from the University of Buffalo with her BFA, she set off into the world as a Professional Dancer working for companies like Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises and Disney. While traveling the world, she was exposed to new and exciting things like Wine & Fashion.

She was in her late 20s when she had decided to move to New York City to pursue her dreams of working in Fashion. She proudly say that she is the Made to Measure Manager for a luxury men’s brand called, ISAIA.

She has completed the WSET1 and WSET 2 with distinction, and plans to take the WSET 3 in the near future. She has partnered with brands including Honest Cooking, Waerator, Thrive, Wines of Sicilia DOC, Martha Stewart Wine Co., Vinho Verde Wines, The Clif Family Winery & more.

Hi Nicole,

How did you get into the world of wine?

My love for wine started in my mid-twenties while traveling the country as a Dancer with Disney Live! Each city brought forth a new and different wine selection full of adventure. Sitting in those hotel bars drinking exciting wine made me feel sophisticated and established…it brought me those “moments” I needed as I dreamt of a future in New York City. Fast forward just two years and I was lucky enough to move my life to the Concrete Jungle. The Fashion World immediately welcomed me and I was finally able to really experience the best wines from all over the world…in a cute pair of Louboutins of course!

What made you start up your very successful and fun Instagram account?

There were really two main reasons, I think. I was noticing that every time I posted the wine I was drinking on my personal account, I would receive so much positive feedback (likes/comments). My friends and family seemed to really care and take interest in what I was indulging in. I also started noticing an incline of text messages from friends asking, “is this wine good?” “Is this vintage ok?” It was then I decided, I should share my thoughts with the world…with my own NYC flare!

What is the most interesting wine region you have visited?

So, I have a confession…I haven’t been to THAT many wine regions (worldwide). As of now, I think the most interesting region I’ve visited would have to be Champagne. There is so much history and work that goes into a true Champagne bubbly. Many of the Champagne houses have been passed down from generations to generations starting in the 17th & 18th centuries. Walking through those caves brought about indescribable feelings and connection to the region.

What region is on the top of your list that you want to visit?

This is a complete tossup between Piedmont and Bordeaux! I choose these two because this summer I’m already scheduled to visit the Rioja (Haro) and Chianti…excited is an understatement! I could sit here all day and ponder Nebbiolo & White Truffle vs Haut Brion & Margaux (left bank all day), but really, I’d be SO lucky to visit either.

What is the most memorable wine experience you have had so far?

My most memorable wine experience would be my wedding day! I got married on a vineyard in the Finger Lakes and it was the most breath-taking experience of my life. The vineyard we chose (Ventosa Vineyards) is known for some of the driest reds in that particular region, and for those who know the Finger Lakes, that’s pretty special! The day after the wedding my husband and I went back to the vineyard and sipped Cab Franc on the terrace overlooking Seneca Lake…it was the most significant “wine moment” of my life.

What is your favourite wine for enjoying at the beach this summer?

When I’m at the beach I’m a sucker for a dry Rosé from Provence, but I can also confidently say I love Illumination from Quintessa. I’m telling you this Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect beach partner with its citrus notes and high acidity! Don’t put me past a canned wine either. Most of the beaches around New York have a no glass policy so in that case, I opt for Underwood Rosé!

What is your favourite wine you love the most?

I’ve tried SO many wines from top producers, but right now I currently can’t stop thinking about the Damilano Barolo Cannubi 2012. I know it’s still young, but it’s one of those Barolos I can drink now and drink later. It transports me to another place and gives me all the feelings! Isn’t what that is wine all about anyway?

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